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Our Story

 The Coven was founded in 2018 by Jeanine Hamlyn.

Jeanine, who follows a Pagan path, came up with the idea to form The Coven whilst she was driving around the British countryside looking for Pagan related products, only to discover that there was next to nothing available within the area.

Saddened by the thought that her culture was massively over looked and realizing that there were no venues locally or within a 30 mile radius able to accommodate the Pagan culture, she decided within that instance that she was bringing that venue to town and within weeks The Coven was rapidly being formed.

Jeanine left her every day job to dedicate all of her time & effort into building up The Coven.

Investing all of her savings she was determined to ensure that the culture was brought back into the limelight, irrespective of the stigma that may be attached to Paganism, this did not stop her, in fact she became more & more determined to make it work.

Family & friends were skeptical, people doubted the success of a business that is, to some extent, was frowned up on by the misinformed, the uneducated.

Gambling her job & her savings, she could not predict the outcome of her decision but continued to fight for her beliefs & continued to build her way up.

There were slips & slides along the way, lots of sweat & tears, but strangely enough there was never any doubt to cross her mind as she knew that the Universe was sending her on a journey that she must see through to the end, no matter how much she felt like giving up.

Months of planning, months of gathering stock items, & months of searching for a retail premises, the time had come to finally bring the dream alive.

Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, The Universe had chosen the location for The Coven.

The contract was ready to sign, it was almost too good to be true.... actually, it was.

Hopes & Dreams Dashed

The contract fell through due to unforseen family circumstances 3 days before completion.

All hopes & dreams began to crumble 

Everything started to go horribly wrong & for several months Jeanine felt like giving up.

Many a nights she sat staring at the mountain of boxes containing the dream that she poured all of her heart into & during this unfortunate time she decided to start selling online to get back some of the money that she had invested

Weeks went by, the money starts rolling in.

Online shoppers going crazy for the products

Facebook followers racking up in the hundreds, & then in their thousands wanting to see more of whats to come., waiting excitedly for the next ''new release''

A glimmer of hope...

'' Im going to make it'' '' '' I am not giving up''

She continued visiting Matlock Bath, & during every visit she noticed that the retail store that she was once so close to running, was still vacant.

A week went by, still vacant.

A month went by.... still empty...

3 months have passed, still empty....

5 months later, she stood outside the shop and gazed through the windows.

"This shop is mine..." "The universe has written my name all over it'' she told herself with the upmost of convincing.

Approaching the landlords again  with a proposal she waited anxiously....

2 days later her proposal is accepted.

It was written in the stars, it was meant to be...

As if by Magic the Universe had opened the door way...

The Door way to The Coven

After almost 2 years of sweat & tears, hard work, doubt, fear,& fight, & lots of love & determination, we did it..

Sometimes its just not the right time for us to be doing things & the only way that the universe can prepare us for whats to come is by halting those plans for a short time.

Although devastating at the time, this is the universe telling us that we are just ''not ready'' & that we need a helping hand.

In our eyes we see this as having had all of our hopes & dreams dashed, but what we fail to realize is that the universe is preparing us for something much bigger

During her time of doubt, those months of believing that everything had gone horribly wrong, what Jeanine failed to see at the time, was that in actual fact, the universe was working around her.

The online selling was building up the dream behind the scenes

The hundreds of facebook followers were bringing the custom

The accumulation of more & more amazing products

It was all in preparation for the ''Big Day''

Had the original plan not fallen through would The Coven have had the same success?

Would it have had thousands of amazing supporters watching & waiting for the store to open?

Would there have been enough products to keep the business going ?

Would we be where we are now had it happened ''back then''?

If you have managed to get to the end of this story, first of all thank you, but more importantly, I want you to know that if you are currently going through a trying time in your life right now, just know that everything will all be ok in the end.

If you are planning a new career path, looking to move into your dream home, thinking  of starting your own business, wanting to make changes to your life but are too afraid to take the gamble, rest assured that the universe has your back and please don't ever be afraid to take that chance.

Don't continue to allow your dreams to simply be dreams...

Live those dreams.

Nothing is impossible if we just ''believe''

If at first you don't succeed, its not because you have failed, its because at that point in time during your life, you wasn't ready, you wasn't ready for whats to come.

You needed help from the universe, you needed to take a step back, you needed to dream a little bigger.......

Never fear, the Universe is always there.

The Coven would just like to say a huge thank you to our supplier Nemesis Now for the amazing life line that it threw to us. Without you it would not have been possible.

And to all of our amazing followers, if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have had the incentive to keep on going.

We cannot begin to express our gratitude

The Coven was something that we could only dream of at one stage, it meant everything to us being able to bring the culture together.

You are all amazing, OUR culture is amazing & we have had the pleasure of meeting with some extraordinary people along the way.

Thankyou & 

Remember, Dream BIG, Always....

Bright Blessings

The Coven